Collaboration and Affiliate Programs

The Sexy Toy Chest (the company, we, us) offers both a collaboration program and an affiliate program. The affiliate program is open to almost everyone while the collaboration program does require approval from us. Although there are some common requirements between the two programs there are some differences as well and the information below should explain that. Should the creator or affiliate (you) have any additional questions, please email:


The affiliation program is a fairly simple program where you are given a link. That link is advertised by you (the creator, advertiser or marketer) and when used, all sales will be recorded as originated from this source. The use of the links will offer the customer a 10% discount on their purchase and earn the affiliate a 10% commission on the sale.

The collaboration program is a product for content exchange. Upon approval, the creator (collaborator) will produce content utilizing product sent to them by The Sexy Toy Chest. Although affiliates are not guaranteed to have an opportunity to do a collaboration, all collaborators have the option of becoming an affiliate and are encouraged to do so.

Collaboration Program

For collaborations, a product(s) will be sent to the collaborator at no cost or an agreed upon discounted cost based on the item. Content will be created utilizing each product(s). Content allowed for collaborations include a review (video format), photo shoot or a product highlight video.

For videos and video reviews of the product shall be in video format with a text or audio that names the product and The Sexy Toy Chest. Videos will be SFW and a minimum of 20 seconds, prominently featuring the product given. This will be posted on Instagram as reel as well as a story. Facebook and Twitter posts are optional but encouraged. The same video will be email or linked via dropbox or similar application to so that the video or parts of the video may be used by The Sexy Toy Chest for its own advertising.

For photo shoots with the product, a minimum of one SFW photo will be permanently posted on all social media sites that you have a following on. A minimum of one story will be posted on Instagram. A minimum of one additional unique photo will be sent directly to The Sexy Toy Chest to utilize in their own advertising.

By signing up to collaborate with The Sexy Toy Chest you are agreeing to tag or mention us whenever you feature the delivered product(s).

Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate, you must register using the following link:

An affiliate link will be generated after you register to become an affiliate. Any sale that is closed after using this link will offer a 10% discount to the customer and earn the affiliate a 10% commission on the sale. Place your affiliate link in a permanent spot, such as a bio, Linktre, SeedProd, Taplink, Tap.Bio, Lnk,Bio, Shorby,,, Everlinks, , etc. Remember that this earns you a commission too so the more people you send that make purchases the more money you can earn.

The Sexy Toy Chest will unless asked not to, always try to link back to the affiliates pages to help drive traffic back to them. Please provide all social media information and handles so that the backlinks can be created.


Applicable to both programs

Please tag The Sexy Toy Chest in all social media posting related to the product(s) delivered


Instagram: @SexyToyChest

Twitter: @SexyToyChest

Fetlife: @TheSexyToyChest

TikTok: @sexytoychest

Facebook: @sexytoychest

SFW vs NSFW content

Applicable to both programs

All program minimum requirements call for SFW content. However, The Sexy Toy Chest does advertise in some spaces that allow for nudity and NSFW content. NSFW content is never required, but if that benefits you, the creator, that content can be utilized by us as well. If you choose to produce NSFW content, such as content for your and Only Fans page or Frisk or other modeling set, in addition to emailing or linking the video/pictures you will also need to fill out and send the following release form verifying you are at least 18 years old among other legal requirements as per US law. You can right click and save from the button below or open the link to view.

Usage Rights

Applicable to both programs

The Sexy Toy Chest shall retain non-exclusive usage rights for all created content featuring their products, branding, logo or other features as created for our collaboration program. These rights include the use of said content on social media, websites, print and in any other advertising or promotional material. The Sexy Toy Chest also reserves the rights to uses the content and images created for advertising and other purposes for it's sister companies: MJ's Overstock, 81 Advertising and Lingerie Mail as well as any propety under teh MJO Investments umbrella.

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