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Vibrators are arguable the most popular sex toys out there. Bullet vibrators and clit ticklers are just the sensation many woman want when enjoying an orgasm. Vibrators designed to hit the G-spot or prostate are perfect for penetration. Rabbits can offer the best of both worlds.

Dongs, Dildos and Delight

Probably the original sex toy, A dildo was a basic device to simulate pentation. Today's choices of dildos and dongs and much more diverse with styles ranging from hard to flexible, vibrating, realistic versions and many more.

Stimulating Fun

Clitoral Stimulators are vibrators designed to externally stimulate a woman's clitoris for her sexual pleasure and orgasm. They are sex toys created for massaging the clitoris, and are not penetrating sex toys, although the shape of some vibrators allows for penetration and the stimulation of inner erogenous zones for extra sexual pleasure.

Anal Toys

Anal Toys come in a variety of designs and styles. From plugs to penetrators, beads to tails, The Sexy Toy Chest has the most diverse selection of anal toys on the market. Explore our inventory, which includes ideal training things for beginners as well as larger products for the more experienced.

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